Our New Monthly Feature

Our New Monthly Feature

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Here at Tartan Up we thought it was about time that we explained one of our latest features of our newly renovated social media platforms and website.

As a company, we have decided that each month we are going to post our TOP FIVE TARTANS for said month with a brief explanation as to how we have decided upon our latest favourites.

For the Month of April our TOP FIVE TARTANS are as follows:

MacLeod of Harris - Ancient:  If you know our family name, then this won’t come as too much of a surprise… if you don’t know, the mother/daughter partnership behind TartanUp is made up of MacLeod women.  An obvious choice, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Thomson - Modern - Grey - Small:  We love the simplicity of this tartan.  A beautiful monochrome colour palette with a pop of red.

Isle of Skye:  Ever since we purchased TartanUp in March 2018, this has been a firm favourite of ours.  The beautiful purple hue which runs through this fabric is striking, and a reminder of the glorious purple heather that can be found in our native land.  In fact, in our home, we have a number of Isle of Skye scatter cushions (Keep your eyes peeled on the website, as we are hoping to introduce these cushions to our Spring Accessories Range).

Stewart - Royal:  You say “Iconic Red Tartan” and we will shout back “Stewart - Royal”.

Mackay - Modern:  A  similar reason behind our choosing MacLeod of Harris, the Mackay - Modern tartan reflects another family name, (Sheila used to be a Mackay after all).

 We hope you like our TOP FIVE TARTANS for April as much as we do!  If you do, please be sure to check out the weights we have available in each fabric.  If you would like to order a sample of any of the aforementioned tartans, we can send a small piece out to you for £5 inc postage and packaging (in the UK). If you subsequently place an order with us in this tartan, then we will be more than happy to issue you with a discount code to reimburse you for your sample.

 If you have any questions, then please do let us know.

 Mairi-Anne & Sheila


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